3 Step Easy Claim Process

1. Request Service:

First, make sure the item is covered under your plan. If the item is listed as covered, you
can proceed with filing. Once filed you will receive a claim number via email or text and
a list of Pro’s to choose from to fully diagnose the problem.

2. Repair:

Once your Pro arrives, they must first diagnose your problem. Important: Before the
contractor does any work, please have the contractor contact Innovate Home Warranty
with the diagnosis. A customer service representative will speak with you and your
contractor to determine the approved dollar amount covered by your warranty. Your
contractor will then make the necessary repairs.

3. Customer Satisfaction:

Call us at 208-514-6894 after you are satisfied with the work and we will
arrange our portion off the payment to the contractor. You will be required to pay
the lesser of a trade call fee or the actual cost of the service to your selected
contractor. If your selected contractor provides repairs or replacements to items
not covered or charges more than our allotted coverage limits, you will be
required to pay those expenses.

Service will not be made without prior approval.